Zelekha Amirzada

Tigress Negotiating


Zelekha Amirzada received her bachelor's degree in Political Science from UCLA and her Juris Doctor from University of San Diego Law School. During the last nine years, she’s practiced as a civil litigator in the fields of environmental law and consumer protection class action law (both Plaintiff’s side).

After witnessing the unique gender dynamics in the professional world as a female and as a minority, she decided to effect change by starting her own business, Tigress Negotiating, to help women earn more money by overcoming their career paralysis and career fright. She believes that her experience transforming from a timid, young professional into a strong, knowledgeable, and confident career woman can inspire others to think bigger and dream wilder in their career goals.

Audiences have raved about her signature salary negotiation talk at the National Association of Asian American Professionals, National Association of Latina Businesswomen, National Association of Women MBAs (National Webinar), California Western School of Law, and the Women's Museum of California, among others.

Sessions:  Interviewing and Working While Minority and Reduce the Wage Gap: How Women Can Negotiate Salary