Annual Luncheon: We’re All in the Same Gang

 In his presentation, Olmos unmasks his Hollywood persona and delivers the message that we can overcome even the most daunting obstacles through self-discipline and determination.

America’s most visible spokesperson for the Hispanic community, Olmos tells his audiences the inspiring story of how he survived the barrio and succeeded on his own terms by making his own choices.  He also brings the spirit of activism to his audiences. 

As the unofficial mayor of Los Angeles, Olmos was one of the first public figures to take to the streets to help restore the city’s grief-stricken neighborhoods following the 1992 riots. Emphasizing the need for all races to work together, he explains how diversity in our society can work to our advantage.  In this multi-faceted talk, Olmos also touches upon gang violence, and makes his audience aware of just how complex the problem of violence is in communities today. “Violence is not a judicial problem,” Olmos says. “It’s a health problem, like polio, AIDS, or heart disease. We need to use preventive medicine

Sponsor: Abercrombie & Fitch

Keynote Speaker: Edward James Olmos