Luncheon: The Latino American Dream: A Force for Growth, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At 58 million strong, Hispanics are the largest minority group, contributing to over half of the U.S. population growth. When it comes to business, Hispanics are starting new ventures at a rate three times the national average. However, while the Latino demographic and entrepreneurial boom is evident, they remain grossly underrepresented in mainstream media and are limited in their access to opportunity and capital. A study conducted by CB Insights reports that 83% of venture capital goes to non-Hispanic Whites.

In this session, award-winning entrepreneur, Fox News and CNN TV contributor and Co-Founder and President of XL Alliance, Lili Gil Valletta will share the indisputable business trends that make Latinos a force in the American economy. An immigrant from Colombia who has built a multi-million dollar enterprise, she will share practical insights for attendees to continue to turn their own cultural advantage into opportunities and profits.

Sponsored By: TBD

Speaker: Liliana Gil Valletta