Ralph Cook

CEO, Handprint Group

Mr. Ralph Cook Jr. is Ralph D. Cook Jr., is the founder and CEO of Handprint Group, a boutique professional consulting firm with offices in Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; and Birmingham, AL, provides leadership and relationship guidance to implement capital investment, business and communication strategies.  Mr. Cook received his

B.A. from Morehouse College, earned his J.D. at Howard University Law School and is a member of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta and Board Member to the Sister Accord Foundation.

Leaning on the entrepreneurial and political foundation his grandfather and father laid for him as a dry cleaner owner and elected official, respectively, Mr. Cook truly began his career as a Congressional aide to U.S Representative Earl Hilliard (D-AL) while a student at Morehouse College. The following summer during President Clinton’s administration, Mr. Cook had the distinct privilege of working in the White House Office of Cabinet Affairs under Thurgood Marshall, Jr..

Following graduation from Morehouse, Mr. Cook entered Howard University School of Law with the goal of developing a career that combined the two areas to which he had been exposed, entrepreneurism and politics. Howard University’s focus on the concept of “social engineer’s” cemented this desire.

Mr. Cook continued to work on Capitol Hill for another year with U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL). Thereafter, he transitioned into the private sector to work in the government relations office of DaimlerChrysler in Washington, DC. as a law student, and then Balch and Bingham following his graduation from law school, where he worked in the Washington, D.C. Government Affairs Group from 2001 to 2003.

Mr. Cook followed in the footsteps of his family by starting Handprint Group in 2003, to bridge the gap between government, business strategy and capital advisory for clients. Mr. Cook has ultimately constructed a career around assisting public servants and entrepreneurs, with an ultimate mission to impact the community.

Handprint Group utilizes high-level local political and business relationships to drive business opportunities to its company business units. Mr. Cook provides operational structure and corporate management to all the Handprint Group. He brings these qualities to all the Handprint Group affiliates to provide overall direction, develop clients and fortify relationships.

Since its founding in 2003, Handprint Group has established itself as a sustainable boutique professional service consulting firm which provides a range of services through three distinct business units: (i) Handprint Capital Group – corporate investment solutions; (ii) Handprint Strategy Group – strategic business solutions; and  (iii) Handprint Government Affairs – government and public affairs.


Designed to reinvent the company in 2010, Handprint Capital Group (HCG) is the future of Handprint Group. Currently, establishing itself in the investment community, HCG focuses on raising private equity for business and real estate companies. Mr. Cook leads this vision with an instrumental organizer of a $75 million dollar “fund in formation” that will focus on small business investment in the Southeast.


The foundation of the Handprint companies since 2006, Handprint Strategy Group (“HSG”) focuses on business and real estate advisory services that delivers cost-effective solutions for its client base. HSG has extensive experience in strategic planning, business development, real estate services, financing and capital solutions. As a result, HSG has been successful at partnering with numerous entities to develop consensus for initiatives and capital projects. Proudly, we have been highly instrumental in creating strong Public-Private Partnerships to develop projects beneficial to all.


As the first division in the company in 2003, Handprint Government Affairs (HGA) began as boutique federal lobbying and advocacy firm based in Washington DC representing higher education and government contracting companies. Today, the firm represents several southern cities, counties and national nonprofit organizations. Our expertise in identifying, communicating and advocacy will remain HGA as steadfast partner for our clients and our internalbusiness operations.

BYC, INC, a nonprofit organization

In 2013, the partners at Handprint Group architected BYC, a 501(c) (3) not- for-profit, under the banner Build Your “City, County or Country”, which is a specialized organization and program for urban cities that works with key government leadership to assess, develop and implement a comprehensive strategic planning and organization that focuses on efficiently implementing government directives and key areas of government responsibility.