In partnership with the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business at the University of Dallas, we've created an afternoon workshop for mid-career professionals. This session is designed for a limited number of attendees with 10+ years of professional experience. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to earn a digital badge. More advanced than a certificate, a digital badge is a micro-credential that contains detailed information about the learning experience and the knowledge gained. It is shareable across the internet, including LinkedIn. Each badge comes with searchable meta-data linked to an individual and the earned badge.

Emotional Intelligence & Effective Communication: The Revised Tool Set for Diversity-Focused Managers

Whether you are a new or seasoned manager, navigating diverse teams can be complicated. Is diversity truly present in your area? Can it be defined as looking beyond someone’s ethnicity? And are you communicating in a way that your meaning does not get lost? Diversity, emotional intelligence and effective communication can be strengths in your tool set. This workshop focuses on learning and managing what diversity is, revising your emotional intelligence practices, and leading effective conversations when you are the person in charge.

This workshop costs $45 (for members and non-members), which is in addition to conference registration. Seating is limited.