Keith Fernandez

National Diagnostic Solutions

Founder and CEO

Keith Fernandez is a visionary leader and serial entrepreneur who is currently the Founder & CEO of National Diagnostic Solutions (NDS), a leading provider of mobile healthcare services to physicians and hospitals. Coming from a family of physicians, Keith always wanted to provide healthcare to those in need. After a successful Wall Street career, this led him to start NDS in Orlando, Florida, in 2014 at the age of 25. Since then, he has seen his business grow from nothing to grossing over $1 million in revenue.

Growing up in Orlando, FL, as the son of a Hispanic father with roots from Spain and Puerto Rico, Keith graduated from his high school as Valedictorian, National Hispanic Scholar and Captain of his Soccer team. Gaining acceptance to 6 Ivy League schools, Keith chose to attend Harvard University, where he graduated cum laude with a degree in Economics in 2010. After college, Keith worked as an Analyst at some of the top firms on Wall Street, including Merrill Lynch Investment Banking and KKR, a $60 billion Private Equity Fund. Keith has been featured on TV and has received numerous awards for his business ventures, including the 2015 Brillante Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence from Prospanica.

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