Doug Harris

CEO, The Kaleidoscope Group

“I leave people better than I found them; and I do it with love.”
– Doug Harris (CEO, The Kaleidoscope Group)

For almost 30 years, Doug Harris has impacted the American workplace with his work in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). In fact, his work extends back far enough that he was a part of the movements and conversations that birthed and developed the industry that has grown from what was once called “Affirmative Action: Next Phase”. Combining compassion and a keen business sense, he has shepherded organizations, teams and executives forward as the diversity dialogue has evolved from compliance, to fostering inclusion and, ultimately, achieving exceptional business outcomes. Powerfully balancing the practical and the philosophical, Doug has partnered with countless clients to create customized strategies that address the specific diversity needs of each business and their unique company culture, working closely with leaders and executives to champion D&I, to develop commitment and enthusiasm across all employee groups. His energy and passion for the work have been described as “contagious” and few have walked away with anything less than an unforgettable experience.

“I thought it was a great class! Everyone who manages or might manage people should attend. It is more than diversity training, it’s more about how to build a high performing team where people feel valued, and equips leaders to get the best out of every individual on their team.”
– Senior Leader, The Nielsen Companies

The waves and ripples of his work have moved organizations across this country and across sectors, from household names to small businesses, seeking to make the absolute most of each of their people. A partial list of clients includes: Thrivent, North Shore, City of New York, New York Fire Department, Chicago Fire Department, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coca-Cola Enterprise, CNA, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, John G. Shedd Aquarium, Farmers Insurance, McDonald’s Corporation, Nationwide Insurance, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, Provena Health, The Federal Reserve Banks, The Wharton School and Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

Though this list represents an array of organizational cultures and missions, the commonality is that they have
enriched their culture and advanced their mission by embracing Doug’s mission: To free the human potential.“Partnership with The Kaleidoscope Group on both diversity and inclusion consulting and executive coaching has had a significant impact on our organization. Through their work, our board of directors, executive management and employees are aligned around how diversity and inclusion is not only an important part of the culture of our organization, but is a key business initiative for our future success.”
– Darren R. Hamby, Senior VP Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle

To free the human potential. That, succinctly put, is what Doug has done for thousands upon thousands of people. He has helped them to free their own human potential and that of those around them. The impact of his work, his legacy, extends around the globe. Through the development and implementation of strategic consulting solutions he has challenged global corporations (Caterpillar, Dana Corporation, Duracell, Hewlett- Packard, Northrop Grumman, and Owens Corning) to free the human potential. Through being a resource to media he has encouraged listeners and readers to free the human potential. Through his singular combination of humor and “realness” he has moved rapt audiences to free the human potential one person at a time, one organization at a time.
“I push you… but I love you more than I push you.”
-Doug (in a recent staff meeting)

That sentiment has been echoed over the years and across the globe by individuals in almost every type of organization. It is felt no more profoundly anywhere, though, than in the company he leads, The Kaleidoscope Group. In a world where it can seem that integrity is in short supply, Doug practices what he preaches, achieving a staggering level of diversity (e.g. cultural diversity, generational diversity, workstyle diversity) and an inclusive culture, that allows every member of the KG family to free their potential as they learn from him how to help others do the same.
Perhaps what is most inspiring as Doug approaches 30 years of service to the cause of D&I is not what he has done… or even what he is doing. What is most inspiring is the thought of what he will do next, what concept he will articulate, what framework he will crystallize, what insight he will share.

“Not best practice. The next practice.”
– Doug Harris (CEO, The Kaleidoscope Group)

Who knows what that “next practice” will be? We can all be sure, though, that Doug will continue to make waves… that ripples will reach around the globe… and that everyone touched will feel the love.

Doug Harris Biography

Doug Harris is the Chief Executive Officer of The Kaleidoscope Group with almost 30 years of experience in the field of diversity & inclusion consulting. Prior to joining Bea Young Associates in 1993, Doug worked for several years as a consultant and trainer for Harbridge House, Inc. where he facilitated diversity & inclusion education sessions with senior executives of Fortune 500 organizations.

Department, Chicago Fire Department, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coca-Cola Enterprise, CNA, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, John G. Shedd Aquarium, Farmers Insurance, McDonald’s Corporation, NationwideInsurance, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, Provena Health, The Federal Reserve Banks, The Wharton School, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, and several nonprofit social service/government agencies.

Doug’s roots in diversity began with Procter & Gamble and Scott Paper where he served as an employee relations specialist, sales trainer and sales professional. His diversity journey continued as Founder and President of Samuel Roberts & Associates, where he capped ten years of experience as an executive search consultant specializing in minority recruitment. His work in executive search spanned from entry-level professional assignments to senior executive level positions.
He also serves as a subject expert for local and national newspapers and radio stations, on issues relevant to diversity & inclusion. Along with numerous presentations Doug delivers for clients worldwide, he is also in demand as a speaker for various organizations and associations such as the Conference Board, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), local SHRM Chapters, Linkage, Inc., etc.

In keeping with his personal commitment to serve the community, Doug works actively to develop mentoring programs for students that promote education and build self-esteem. He assisted in designing diversity curriculum for the Chicago Catholic Schools and also acts as a mentor to students at Learn Charter School.

He recently developed and launched The Kaleidoscope Group Youth Practice to assist underserved youth in the Chicagoland and surrounding communities and is working with Tufts University to design and implement a student leadership development program.