Cynthia Rubio

Co-Founder & CEO, Radiant RFID

Cynthia Rubio is co-founder and CEO of Radiant RFID.  Radiant RFID delivers highly scalable, advanced tracking technology solutions that enable large customers with complex organizational challenges to keep track of their most valuable and dynamic assets. 

Cynthia earned her Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) from Wayne State University, specializing in Dynamics and Control Systems.  She earned her BSME from California State University.  Cynthia has worked in the Aerospace, Automotive and Software industries.   Aside from her professional career Cynthia enjoys supporting other women entrepreneurs and encouraging students to enter STEM related fields. Born in El Paso, Texas, Cynthia currently lives in Austin, with her husband of 27 years; they have 4 children.