Christopher James Conner

President, Franchise Marketing Systems

Atlanta, GA – Christopher Conner has been in the franchise industry since 2002 working with several hundred different franchise systems in management, franchise sales and franchise development work. His experience ranges across all fields of franchise expertise with a focus in franchise marketing and franchise sales but includes work in franchise strategic planning, franchise research and franchise operations consulting.

Chris Conner has worked with multiple International franchise and licensed organizations throughout the United States, Middle East, India and Europe. In these International expansion programs, he played a pivotal role in developing the program, putting together documentation and marketing franchises to Domestic and International buyers. Franchise Marketing Systems is currently working with several International companies in developing and managing independent distribution channels throughout the globe.

Chris Conner has worked with many diverse independent distribution systems including service franchises, sales franchise systems, retail franchise concepts, restaurant franchise systems, fitness franchise companies and multiple International franchise organizations.

After almost a decade in the franchise development field, Mr. Conner saw an opportunity to change the way franchise systems were taken to market by offering a performance-based franchise development strategy.  When Franchise Marketing Systems came to the market, the franchise development model was unique to the industry in that the business model relied heavily on a performance basis to market and sell the brands that were developed.

Mr. Conner’s firm, Franchise Marketing Systems has been involved in over 2,000 franchise sales for new and existing franchise brands since 2009.  The targeted approach of Franchise Marketing Systems to provide outside franchise sales support and sales services has proven effective enough to launch over 200 new franchise brands in the U.S. and abroad.  Since the company’s launch, FMS has been involved in over one hundred first franchise sales on new brands with no pre-existing franchise units.  The franchise consulting model was proven to be uniquely positioned to offer a significantly higher rate of success than traditional franchise development mediums.

Mr. Conner was able to coordinate experienced franchise consultants in necessary fields to provide the core development work.  Franchise Strategic Planning, Market Research, Franchise Operations Consulting, Franchise Marketing Development, Franchise Web Marketing Development and legal is referred to a group of qualified Franchise Attorneys and law firms.  The model was structured to offer efficiency and a reasonable cost structure to support the use of funds for marketing, sales and franchise promotion and successfully allow a brand to go to market.

Today, Franchise Marketing Systems is a national franchise development organization with staff in markets across the United States and Canada.  Franchise Marketing Systems is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with an office located in the area staffing key development personnel.  The majority of the Franchise Marketing Systems team are located in satellite offices around the U.S. (Meet the Franchise Marketing Systems Team)

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Previous to Franchise Marketing Systems, Christopher Conner was most recently a Vice President with the world’s oldest leading franchise development and consulting firm. Prior to working in franchise development and franchise consulting, Chris Conner had been in franchise relations with Wyndham Hotels working closely with franchise owners to improve business strategy and manage franchise support. Chris Conner has also launched several businesses himself in the confectionery industry, business services field and now franchise consulting field with Franchise Marketing Systems. He has an MBA in Finance and Marketing from DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelors Degree from Miami of Ohio in Oxford