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Candice Matthews

Founder of Hillman

A Plan Worth Funding

As a founder of Hillman, the first accelerator in the Midwest providing support to tech companies founded by underserved populations, Candice Matthews is passionate about bringing people from varying backgrounds together to accelerate innovation. She has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, including co-founding Hello Parent, a national safety technology partner of the Brady Campaign to Reduce Gun Violence and the American Academy of Pediatrics. She has been influential in pioneering partnership initiatives with P&G, Morgan Stanley, Foundry Group, and the University of Cincinnati. With her deep industry knowledge in strategy development, revenue strategy, business development, and structured deals she provides continuous support to the startup ecosystem throughout the country. She founded the Black Founders Network (BFN), Cincinnati, to address the need for increased diversity and inclusion efforts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The BFN goals are to lend support, educate, and inspire current and future women and minority tech entrepreneurs, to engage more mentors from diverse backgrounds, to attract and retain minority talent in supported regions, and to elevate the visibility of the Black community by engaging stakeholders from all parts of the ecosystem. Candice currently serves on the Board of Directors at Beech Acres Parenting Center where she chairs the Parenting Innovation and Technology Committee. Additionally, she holds a Director seat on the boards of Warmilu and the Justin T. Wright Suicide Prevention Initiative and Depression Research Foundation.