¡IMPACTO! Rising & Thriving

The 2018 Prospanica Conference & Career Expo is the premier platform for Latino professionals to connect with the companies looking to hire them. Prospanica provides a culturally relevant development experience designed to educate, inspire, and connect business leaders, entrepreneurs, seasoned and young professionals, and students. This conference marks Prospanica’s 30th anniversary, where we’ll celebrate the ever-growing Latino ¡IMPACTO!.

Establishing and cultivating relationships with like-minded individuals will help you tap into those hard-to-reach employment opportunities. The conference is the perfect place to engage with a highly motivated pool of recruiters from Fortune 1000 corporations, prominent business leaders from across the US, and other Latino professionals interested in effecting change in corporate America.

Registration offers attendees access to our recruiting expo, where Fortune 1000 companies actively recruit talent for employment and internship opportunities. You can also experience professional development resources, breakout sessions, and inspiring keynotes—all carefully curated to drive your leadership potential and success.

Our conference brings together people like you. You’ll network, learn, and celebrate with other ambitious Latino professionals. At our Brillante Gala, we look at the leaders from across the nation to celebrate the impactful contributions individuals and organizations on the Latino community. The conference doesn’t just deliver opportunity. It creates community.

Convince Your Employer

Would you like some support convincing your employer that you should attend the conference?  Download this letter template to present your case.

How Conference Will Benefit You


Gain new perspectives
Interested in improving the mark you leave on your professional landscape? Want a stronger, more connected network? Want to learn from creative thought leaders and entrepreneurs? If you answered yes to any of these, then you must attend this year’s conference to benefit from sessions that cover business and leadership topics.



Create lasting relationships
Our members thrive through the support of a strong network.  This year’s conference is a unique opportunity to connect with peers, potential mentors, and experts who can open new career opportunities for you.   


Develop your professional skills
The conference provides opportunity for professional growth. By working with corporate partners, we understand the skill requirements for leadership positions and use this knowledge to create sessions and secure thought leaders that will help build these skills.

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