1:00 pm - 2:15 pm Concurrent Sessions


Discovering Your Intrapreneur
What is the difference between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur? Relentlessly focusing on driving activity resulting in mutual benefit is the key to delivering breakthrough results for yourself, your team and your company, whether you own it or not. The most successful Principled Intrapreneurs are applying the concept of virtuous cycles to their work product and winning...big time!
Speaker: Askia Ahmad
Sponsored by: Koch Industries

Strategic Board Service - A Pathway To Strengthen External Credibility
Your qualification gets you a job or a promotion. But it’s your credibility that gets you a board seat. Non-profit board service when planned strategically can strengthen your external professional credibility. Over time, that credibility can magnify your professional development and yield enhanced opportunities including corporate board appointments, high-profile non-profit appointments, political appointments, and even C-suite corporate opportunities. This session will help you think strategically about non-profit board service as part of your overall professional development strategy and long term success trajectory.
Speaker: Cid Wilson


Leadership Styles: Assess, Adjust, Empower
Are you the type of leader people want to follow and emulate, or do they roll their eyes and run for the hills when they see/hear you coming? Do you apply blanket leadership principles to every member of your team, or do you take the time to know each person’s strengths and growth opportunities and adapt your leadership style to bring out the best in them? Learn to recognize the kind of leader you are through self- and external assessments so you can enhance your skillsets, transform work relationships and effectively lead others where they originally did not want to go.
Speaker: Glorimar Maldonado


Transforming Your Personal Brand Using LinkedIn
Whether you are a new job seeker looking to expand your opportunities or a rising executive interested in catapulting into your next level role, creating a personal brand that stands out to the right audience is your key to success. What do your customers, associates, employees or peers say about you? Your answer to that question defines your personal brand.

Now more than ever, your professional network can be leveraged to fulfill your career vision, create strategic relationships, demonstrate thought leadership, and build deeper connections with customers and colleagues.  

Join us to learn specific actions you can take informed by the latest research from Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford, Harvard Business School and LinkedIn. This session specifically addresses how can create a professional brand that stands out for continuous career growth by showing you how to:

  • Increase awareness of your identity and personal trademark
  • Develop and raise your “brand score”
  • Cultivate an executive presence (online)
  • Avoid common pitfalls on social media
  • Create a thought leadership strategy to support your brand (online)

Speaker: Jacqueline Jones, Veronica Murillo
Sponsored by: LinkedIn

2:30 pm - 3:45 pm Concurrent Sessions


Broaden Your Knowledge of Investing
Hispanics are a prominent group in our country.  With the youngest average age of 27, Hispanics are 21% millennial – the biggest multicultural group – and as a whole represent about 18% of the U.S. population today.  However, Hispanics tend to be less invested and prepared for retirement than other groups. This seminar will help participants in all stages of life become better equipped to develop an investment strategy towards achieving their and their families' financial goals.
Speaker: Susy Suarez Lemcke
Sponsored by: Edward Jones


Using Creativity to Solve Problems
This dynamic presentation addresses one of the primary soft skills that hiring managers feel college graduates lack, per the recent Workforce-Skills Preparedness Report: critical thinking and problem solving.  An experienced senior leader will share how to approach problems with a positive mindset to seek multiple options. The interactive session uses individual and group activities to reinforce key concepts. Leveraging group diversity can generate innovative ideas to solve problems in the workplace and our personal lives. 
Speaker: Joseph Garcia

New to Management: What I Wish I'd Known
The classroom won’t fully prepare you for your first experience managing a staff.  Experienced and successful managers discuss their early experiences and the lessons they learned.  This session looks at common management pitfalls and how to inspire, develop, and motivate, all while meeting deadlines and achieving department objectives.
Speakers: Cyndi Ramirez Ryan, Frances Correa, James R. Huerta, Elvis Cordova


A Plan Worth Funding
Studies show that Latinos have begun businesses at far greater rates than any other demographic, yet a majority of those start-ups obtain no financing during early stages.  A foundational aspect for securing financing is a business plan that can withstand scrutiny.  Learn to avoid the common mistakes minority business owners make and where to focus your attention when crafting a plan for your new venture.
Speaker: Brit Fitzpatrick


Prospanica Wake-Up Workout - 7:00 am - 8:00 am
This class encompasses some cardio, weighted and body weight exercises, core exercises, and some light stretching. With great music and motivational instructors, you won’t want this workout to end! Join us for a total body workout that is designed to get you energized and ready for the day. We welcome people of all fitness levels to join us for the Prospanica Wake-Up Workout.
Instructor: Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez

9:45 am - 11:00 am Concurrent Sessions


Corporate Social Responsibility: Keeping Values in the Career Equation
Corporate practices and policies increasingly reflect a commitment to making a positive impact in communities – locally, nationally and globally. This discussion centers on the latest developments in CSR (corporate social responsibility) and the Hispanic community, how technology both influences and hinders corporate social change, and how to develop an influence for social good within your position.
Speakers: Francine Rosado Cruz, Darlyn Rodriguez Hayes, Sid Espinosa, Guillermo Vazquez
Sponsored by: Microsoft


The Innovation of Work
The nature of work has changed. From how we communicate to the products we design, rapidly changing technology has disrupted our way of work, and to be sure, the changes have only begun.  In this session, sponsored by Northwestern Mutual, local and national technology business leaders or technology  leaders will walk us through how they are breaking down traditional corporate archetypes. They’ll also highlight what’s next on the horizon and offer ideas on how to respond to the workplace shifts to come.
Speakers: Irissol Arce, Amilcar Chavarria, Patricia Cabral-Mercado, Omar Andrade, Craig Schedler
Sponsored by: Northwestern Mutual


Women Leaders: Be Assertive without Being Labeled
Sheryl Sandberg campaigned to eliminate the word “bossy” in its gender-specific application to women.  Critics of Hillary Clinton suggested she should smile more and raise her voice less.  Implicit biases toward women who lead can hinder their impact.  This session looks at effective methods to exercise influence, leadership, and assertiveness while minimizing the damage from sexist stereotypes.
Speakers: Judith Garcia Galiana, Ilka Rodríguez-Díaz, Maria Jostad, Rhonda Burns
Sponsored by: Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin


State of Latino Entrepreneurship
This session covers the latest research, trends, and expectations from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI). As a collaboration between the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, SLEI explores and expands our knowledge of the Latino entrepreneurship segment in the U.S. economy through research and education programs. SLEI research conducts the largest national survey of U.S. Latino business owners to better understand the opportunities and challenges among Latino-owned businesses in an effort to close the $1.47 trillion opportunity gap.  Entrepreneurs and companies interested in learning about the entrepreneurial landscape can hear about the latest research on Latino entrepreneurs, as well as impactful stories from experienced entrepreneurs who participated in the SLEI-Education Scaling program.
Speakers: Mark Madrid, Marlene Orozco, Catalina Campos, Monica Hernandez


Prospanica Wake-Up Workout - 7:00 am - 8:00 am
Join us for a fun, full body workout that will get your feet moving and your blood flowing! With our experienced instructors and upbeat music, there is no better way to start your morning. This class will incorporate exercises that target all major muscle groups and promote strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. We welcome people of all fitness levels to join us for the Prospanica Wake-Up Workout.
Instructor: Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez